Friday, May 8, 2009


Holy cow!  I stepped on something on the stairs in the dark and now my foot is throbbing and bleeding :(  It looks like a piece to an Ace bandage but it's not.  Who knows how it got there but at least I "found" it and not Gabe or Mike. 

We have some halfway exciting weekend plans.   We have a bonfire at a friend's house tomorrow and my mom is keeping Gabe so we can go and have fun.  I think that's a pretty good Mother's Day gift!  We're also doing a lunch with my Aunt and Uncle tomorrow (yes we know Mother's day is Sunday).  

Sunday I have to organize and pack some stuff.  Yes really.  I'm not just talking about it.  I have to organize the garage so I can start stacking things out there.   I can't forget to leave a path for the garbage can to get out though (lol) that would be bad.  

I swear there was something else but I've obviously forgotten so you can see it must have been really important and funny right?  

Now what to do to nurse my foot?  I wonder if I can get a sympathy present out of this :P

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