Friday, May 29, 2009

How far is far?

You know when I was in high school far was much farther than it is now. I mean I used to drive 35 minutes to see Mike one way two or three times a week. If I got out there and someone needed me to go get them, SURE. I'll drive back to Milwaukee's East Side pick you up and we'll go back, got gas money? I didn't care that it was 2 hours in the car in one day not leaving Metro Milwaukee area.

Now though, Man sometimes the other side of Cedarburg is too far and it's probably only got a 2 mile radius. The mall? Well that's 20 min one way that's too far.

I think I'm old. I'm not sure when it happened. I mean when did my world get very small? I am a worldy person darn it! I've even been to Canada. So what if I don't own a passport? I have friends all over the world so why is driving a little bit so tough? Time to stack the Ipod with new music and go for it!

This weekend we're heading to Chicago ( just over 2 hours without traffic) to see a dear friend of ours. He's going to be in town on business so that's as close as he's coming to us probably all year. It's worth the drive to see him and really 2 hours is NOT far. Now toll and gas money, that will kill ya but it's worth it.

So I think I'm going to work on my perception of far again. I used to believe that if I could get there in the car and you paid gas I would drive to Alaska to pick you up. Now maybe I'll at least go to the other side of town for you.


  1. Time is at a premium now! Maybe it seems far because there's so much we need/want to get done that driving just seems like time wasted.

    Or maybe you're just old. :)

  2. You're older than I am woman!

  3. I agree with Heather, that time is an issue now more so than when we were younger. Money is also an issue now. Gas costs anywhere from 2-5 times more than it did when we were in high school.

  4. Yeah I hate paying for gas now. We used to budget 20-40 bucks for the WHOLE month when we first got married 7 years ago. Now 40 bucks is ONE tank :(

    Taking the train was worth it just for Gas.

  5. lol that you've even gone to Canada :P
    It's $60-70 to fill a tank here!


  6. Well I went to Canada in 2001 and gas was MUCH cheaper here and there.

    Canada is one of my favorite places. I'm DYING to go back to Toronto.