Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have no place to live

As of Sunday I have no place to live. We were told this morning that because Bank of America didn't get the paperwork to HUD til today that we are not closing tomorrow.

If we do then God himself must have helped.

BoA had plenty of time to ask us for all the paperwork and their communication with us sucked. So we spent the last week running around for misc bits and pieces (not major information in my opinion either). Only to find out that it didn't matter.

So I'm homeless come Sunday :( I don't even know if I'm mad anymore, I'm just sad.

I have no people to move me after this weekend, no time to take off of work (I've taken unpaid days this week) and have to try and get a Uhaul for that weekend. :(

Monday, July 27, 2009


I mean really? Seriously? You have to be kidding right?

So lets start at the beginning of the day.

I get a phone call from the realtor (Karen) who says that HUD (ppl that are selling this foreclosed house) don't have all our paperwork. Uhhh we're supposed to close on Thursday. Why are they telling us on MONDAY that they don't have all they need? We might not close on time now.

Well CRAP, I run out of place to live pretty quick here. I have people coming to help move, I took off work, my dad took off, my mom took off, friends are driving in from out of state, there's a truck rented, you get the picture right?

So I spent half of the morning running around the known free world spending money (that I don't have) like it's going out of style. I find out that the inspector may have to come back to the house (more $$) to turn the water on even though it's ALREADY ON! The HUD people apparently don't believe the city of Grafton. Luckily we got that taken care of.

Then I had to go to my Grandparents house today to get the rest of the paperwork that they are sending over (co-signers on the loan) because Bank of America apparently didn't get it all last time.

Now my Grandma just got out of the hospital and needs to rest, but instead I have to have her sit with me while I'm on the phone to get this straightened out.


I know why people smoke and drink, really I do.

The inspector said he would just sign off on the water as long as we were okay with it (we are) and send it over with an addendum. I paid the $50 at Grafton water for some darn clean water test that had to be done. I faxed everything from the bank over to the processor.

I hope now things are done and settled, though I don't believe that for one darn second.

As of right now though they say that we're still closing Thursday. Gee what a nice surprise that would be (roll eyes here)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ever notice...

The closer ya get to moving the harder it is to pack? That is until the night before when you're a crazy woman in panic mode realizing that you're moving tomorrow and you still have eleventy million things to stuff in a box.

At that point the organization goes out the window and you find yourself with a box with a 10lbs weight and a lamp in it (yes my mom actually did that once). I do have a suitcase set aside for the immediate necessities like underwear and toothbrushes.

We are moving Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1. HOLY COW! That's soon.

I promise I have a plan, how well I execute that plan.... well that's yet to be seen. We'll see if my friends that are driving almost 7 hours to come help us out think I'm an idiot or not after they get here ;) I did promise food and beverages too. I reminded them to bring their own pillows though since my crap is packed.

I'm also hoping for no heat and no rain. It would be a novelty for us to move on a normal day though so I'm not holding my breath.

My Dad is coming this weekend to help me move my fridge to the garage so I can put the landlord's fridge back in the kitchen where it belongs.

If I suddenly drop off the face of the Earth you'll know I've been sucked into moving hell.

Friday, July 17, 2009

To do or not to do....

I'm super bored BUT I have a ton of stuff I should be doing. Isn't that the worst place to be? So lets start a list!

  • Bring boxes up from basement
  • Do laundry so that the non-necessities can be packed
  • Pack non-necessary clothes
  • Continue packing kitchen stuff that I know I won't need in the next two weeks, including spices
  • Throw out any spices I haven't used in recent memory
  • Buy bras this weekend, really I'm down to 2 and I NEED to buy some
  • Organize my desk so that it can be packed
  • Get cleaning supplies ready for this place AND the new place
  • Don't freak out that I think I don't have enough boxes now to pack the house
Ok I think that's it. Really I am just sick and tired of waiting for moving. We'll have been waiting for EIGHT weeks by the time we close since our offer was accepted and I'm tired of waiting. Tons of other people have moved before we did even if they decided to move AFTER we did. I'm tired, annoyed and ready to get settled.

I did buy paint for Gabe's room though. I bought a great blue and a great green. Three walls will be blue and one green because it's REALLY green ;) I can't wait to do that. At least someone's room will be done right away.

Now the trick is to stay motivated to actually WORK on the list like I should.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Thank you Wendy for the idea.

Things I hate...
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • When I know Gabe hears me and he purposefully ignores me and looks back to check that I know that he knows
  • When you know what you want but it seems too hard to get it
  • Those things that tell your speed on a random road. I'm going to drive off the road checking my speedometer to it to see if mine is right
  • People who talk on their cell phones while ordering food from me at work
  • Sand in the car
  • Bread and butter pickles

Things I love...

  • Sloppy kisses from the Boy
  • Hearing the Boy says baby and snuggle with his little bear
  • The sound at the end of the day when everything is sleeping
  • Rain, thunder and lightening from the porch
  • Reading and re-reading a good book
  • Lemonade on a hot day
  • Chili on a cold day
  • Seeing Mike play with Gabe and listening to them both laugh
  • The feel of Mike sleeping next to me
  • Orchids
  • Water fountains bubbling
  • Bubblers- drinking fountains for those of you not in the know ;)
  • The feel of warm sand between your bare toes
  • Shooting stars on a clear night
  • Horses running in a field
  • Kitty cats in bed with you at night, even when they sleep on your head
  • When you have to think hard to come up with things you hate because life is more good than bad

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Closing date

We officially have a closing date of July 30th at 3pm. YEA! I am excited but I really wish it was a week sooner. I am supposed to be out of my place by July 31st so I'm going to have very little time to do the carpets after moving.

Plus I want to paint!! I was hoping to get a couple days to paint before we moved because it's just easier and then the house doesn't smell like paint when you move in.

I'm crossing my fingers for the closing to be moved up even more but I'm just glad that I won't be homeless (lol).

Today I'm home from work because Mike isn't feeling well. I NEED to bring up boxes from the basement and run to the bank. I should be productive on this random day off. I wonder how many boxes I can still fit in the garage?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paint, paint and more paint!

A palette of watercolours and a brush.Image via Wikipedia

Let me tell you choosing paint colors for a whole house at one time is HARD work.

Then not only do you have to pick the basic colors but there's about a zillion shades of that color to choose from and then coordinate it with other colors in that room etc. BAH! I'm going blind ;)

I do know that the kitchen is going to be orange with blue accent and white cupboards. The kitchen is HUGE and we love color so it's a good place to put a lot of color. We found gorgeous square dinner plates (well a set with cups and bowls too) that is blue to jump off of for the blue shade. The living room is adjacent to the kitchen but I think that is going to stay a more neutral color. I call it wet sand (lol). My mom and I have been talking about paint forever it seems. Mike only wants to have input when we narrow it down. He doesn't like too many options to think about, plus he's partially color blind so he doesn't always see them how we do anyhow.

Then I have Gabe's bedroom which is going to be greens and blues to coordinate with his bedding that we already have.

After that my mom has her bedroom to choose and her bathroom to choose. We're going to be staying in the smallest bedroom til we're done with the basement remodel so I think my mom is going to choose the color in that room too since it will be her sewing room.

In a couple months I'll have my bedroom and bathroom to choose and the family room in the basement to choose too.

I LOVE painting but picking all of the colors at once is tough work! I just want to be done already. We still have a couple weeks before we close so I can't actually get my painting done either, I'm just picking out colors.

Here's a picture of an orange/blue kitchen that I saw that I like. Our cupboards are white though. I figure someone thinks we're crazy so I thought I'd show ya that it can work ;)

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dance like no one is watching....

I've been thinking about this for awhile. I realize that the more and more people that read what I'm typing the more likely it is that I'm going to complain/talk/whine about someone who isn't going to like it, OR I'm going to do it about someone that doesn't read it and sooner or later someone will mention something.

So I've decided something. I don't care. I need a place that is MINE to talk about what I want to talk about. That might mean I've had a fight with my mom, my husband, want to give my kid away some days. I just don't care. This is my place and I'm going to use it like I would if no one was reading (okay or maybe my best friend is reading but I know she would understand me, HI SARAH!)

So keep this in mind:
"Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, and live like it's heaven on Earth" ~William Perky

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lots to talk about

First let's talk about the house. I haven't talked about the house in awhile and I'm sure that you're wondering what the heck is going on there.

Tuesday we had our home inspection. There were things wrong but nothing that really surprised us.

  • The furnace is not currently working (at least it's summer) and the inspection is pretty sure it's the on board computer that needs to be replaced, not horribly expensive at least
  • The flashing on the chimney was not done properly so there was water getting in (there was an old leak in the kitchen from it. We'll replace the flashing and be good to go.
  • The water system has a leak in it... Where we don't know exactly we're going to be checking that this afternoon when we go.
  • There is some mold/mildew in the bathroom. The fan didn't work properly and we're redoing that bathroom right away anyhow. It's not toxic mold so it's not a major concern.
The roof is okay for now. We probably have 5 years before we have to tear it off and put a new one on. The gutters are PACKED with crap from the trees so they are backing up on to the soffets so hopefully when they get cleaned out they'll drain probably and we won't have to redo the soffets right away.

Other than that our closing is still scheduled for the first week in August. We're trying desperately to get it pushed back to the last full week of July so that we're not homeless. Our lease here runs out July 31st and I want to be able to clean my carpets before we have to really be out.

Next item of business....

Mike had an interview this morning with his current company but for a first shift position. Yes you read that right FIRST shift. That's what a normal person works ;) There is a pay cut because he's going from third to first we'll lose that shift premium but I don't care. He's been told he's an front runner but there are a few other interviews that have to be done first.


I think I'm going to go to school if Mike goes to first shift. Now I have NO college credits. I'm terrified of wading through the paper work and figuring all of it out. I want to do online courses so I can do them while Gabe sleeps during the day, or in the evenings after Mike is home. I'll either go for a medical assistant or a pharmacy technician. I NEED them to give us enough money that I can actually pocket some of it to help with living expenses. I know I need to start with FAFSA but we make LESS this year than we did last year (especially with the pay cut coming) so I have to figure out how to add an addendum to it so that they know that we're making less. ACK see I get scared and then I do nothing.

So as if moving wasn't enough stress we're going to make as many life changes as we can in as short of time as we can apparently. Then people wonder why I'm stressed out right?! I know why some people drink. I swear I need a vice.