Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best birthday idea yet!

I have the best idea yet.  I think that we should have a party.  I like any reason to get people I love together is a good reason.  Plus Jerry, and Jake apparently, volunteered the house for a party.  I really don't mind but I'm going to give them a pretty hard time about it because I can ;)

Anyhow it so happens that we were volunteered for a party the weekend after my birthday.  So Saturday August 13th I'm hoping to have lots of people at the house for some grilling, music and burning whatever stuff I can in the fire pit.  There will be at least one tent available (someone always ends up in the tent) and plenty of floor/couch space to crash on too. 

I am sort of hoping the cops don't make an appearance this time, and anyone who missed that Memorial Day party last year left too early, lol.

What better idea for a birthday party then to have those friends that you count as family with you?!  Especially since this is the first time I'm turning 29.  It's worth partying for!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mental block?

So tonight I did W5D3 and it felt REALLY hard.  BUT I think most of it is in my head.  My legs felt okay during the run, and my lungs felt okay.  It was still hot but not as bad as it has been.

So now I have to push through the mental wall.  I mean I ran for 1.25 miles all in one shot tonight!  There's no way I could have done that 5 weeks ago so I know I'm making great progress.  I just wish the mind part was keeping up with the body LOL.

Maybe new music would help me push through, having new tempos and songs that I don't know the exact time to?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another one!

Today it was about 95 degrees out and about that humid too.  That made me think of a great idea for my birthday.  You know what I need?!

A POOL!!!  A big one, with a deck and a cool water slide too. 

Hey not that many people in Wisconsin have pools because we get to use them for about 3 weeks a year (Okay more like 2 1/2-3 months).  But I've decided I want one.

We have a plenty big enough yard, a lot of it doing nothing.  We could put up a nice fence, and then put up a pool.  It would be totally worth it (see me trying to convince myself!). 

Instead we drive the 6 blocks to the city pool (when we walk it takes about 10 min) and enjoyed their pool, which does actually have a cool water slide.  It was a fun evening for it. 

So what do you think?  A pool right? It's definitely on my list for things for the house after I'm done with school.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Milestone today

Today I did something I really didn't believe I could REALLY do, I mean I hoped I could but I wasn't quite sure.  It was so far out of my comfort zone and something I'd never done before.  Now I know that this is the first of many of these milestones.

I am HALF WAY through the C25k program.  Today I ran for 8 minutes (in a row!), walked 5 and then ran 8 more (in a row!) and I didn't die, I didn't collapse, and I didn't look like an idiot.

Of course I'm not feeling ready for the next one which is just to run for 20 minutes (in a row!) but that's really only 4 more minutes than I ran today, just cut out the random walking in the middle and I'd be almost there.  So whether I go straight to that, or I modify it somehow, or repeat today even.  I can do this!  I am strong, I am brave and I was born to be this way (LOL okay I got carried away with some Gaga but can you blame me?!)

So for anyone out there that's thinking "I can't do this" or "I'll never get there" you will!  You can!  It's not going to happen over night and there are going to be rough patches, times you feel like giving up but if you don't give up and you get back up when you stumble you too can do it!!  Every day is a new day and that means a fresh start.

I want to really say thank you to my husband for supporting me, and telling me that I was beautiful and sexy and smart and wonderful no matter how I felt, or how I looked.  I know that's true love ;)  I know that he's my biggest cheerleader (minus the skirt) and will always have my back.  We're a team.  I love you so much honey, infinity plus one <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday post 4

My bathroom isn't completely done yet.  I want tile around the tub and above the shower.  I've been looking for awhile but I have found what I want.

Carrara and glass tiles together.  I LOVE Carrara marble and I'd do a whole bathroom in it if I could (I saw that once on HGTV and it was like a 40k remodel!!)

This tile calls to me!  I mean it's perfect!  You know for my birthday getting tile for my bathroom would be pretty exciting.  I think that is another sign that you're officially an adult.  I would even be happy to install it myself just bring the tile and grout and leave it to me! 

So if you're looking for something you can put tile on your list lol. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday post 3

There's something most people don't know about me.  I'm a bra and panty whore.  I LOVE to have things that are cute and match each other. 

So birthday idea number 3 is new bras and panties.  Also my corsets are now officially TOO big to get any tightness out of them!  So I'll put those on the list too. 

I just can not wait to walk into Victoria Secret and spend a small fortune on just me, on things that 99% of the world won't even see ;)  Just knowing I'm wearing it makes me feel better, and we all know the proper undergarments make you look better too! 

So here's to new lingerie!!  Of course that might be a little bit of a gift for the hubby too ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday post 2

Today I was lucky enough to score some scrubs on sale.  Which I actually need, both for when I'm working as a CNA and as a nursing student.  Of course no fun cute things for the nursing students, we're all required to wear a specific color and that's it. 

But what I also had fun looking at was the other things I need for school.  I need my very own stethoscope, a bandage scissors, a gait belt and a blood pressure cuff.  So all of these things would definitely make good gifts. 

 That's how I know I'm meant to do this because getting SUPPLIES makes me excited (LOL).  When you're getting things that are meant to get dirty and that makes you happy you know you're on the right track.  I'm totally digging the Kiwi Green color too!  And those gait belts you need to watch or they wander off!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One month til my 29th birthday

Why yes I am counting, just like another wonderful woman I know, Patty.  The Leos gotta stick together.

So in honor of the Leo birthdays, and the little bit of self centered-ness that allows me let me share with you some things that I'd like for my birthday.  

First and foremost I'm REALLY hoping to hit my original weight loss goal of 75lbs lost in one year. That's about your average German Sheperd Dog weight, or twice my 4.5 year old.  I've since changed my goal but hitting the original one would still be a pretty nice victory.  Of course now my goal is to lose two of your average Elephant penises (penii? I'm never sure what the plural is).  That's 44lbs a piece, I'm actually only shooting for 83lbs lost but I couldn't resist throwing the Elephant penis in, I wonder what Google will think of THAT one?! And OMG my dad just read that, sorry Dad!  Also there are about a zillion different measurements for that (I mean who gets that job?!) So take the weight with a grain of salt.

So from here out I'll have some things that I'm thinking about for my birthday.  Who knows what I'll think of next?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's hot...finally

I'm weird, I like it hot. really!  I do not like humidity but in Wisconsin one goes hand in hand with the other.  Thankfully it's not TOO humid out (dew point is about 70 and humidity is 75% right now) but I'll take it over the 50 and 60 degree days we had all of June.  This girl needs some sunshine!!

Yesterday I was supposed to do W3D1 of C25K and I chickened out.  It was hot last night too and we'd been at the park for my Grandma's birthday party most of the afternoon.  Lame excuse I know.  So today I knew I HAD to do it no matter what because I'd had 2 days off already and if I go more then I won't want to keep doing it.  No fun plans today, until a friend called us.  Now I'm like "OHHH shoot, I need to do it now".  Of course it's the warmest part of the day and it's sunny.  So I decided to do the run on the treadmill, which is in the garage, so it's still HOT.  I turned the fan on and went for it. 

Uhh running on the treadmill is about a million times easier than running on the ground.  I even went faster today than I normally do (since I covered more "ground" by the end it's easy to track).  But I felt like I wasn't working as hard.  So that's good and bad.  Good because I was worried about this new week and this was a good confidence boost.  Bad because I'll want to do the treadmill instead of the road but the only way to do a real race is on the road silly!  So I'm looking forward to getting back to the road (sidewalk) tomorrow or Monday for the second day of this week. 

For today though, friends, food, and fireworks!  I can see fireworks 3 nights in a row if I really want, and I love fireworks so we just might!  Happy Independence Day to everyone! Have a safe holiday and remember to thank those that have served our country!