Friday, May 1, 2009

Gymnastics today

So today I got to do a rare thing, take Gabe to tumbling class.  Usually it's a daddy and Gabe thing but daddy wasn't feeling great.  So I went.  It made me a little late to work but was worth it. 

They had this roller coaster thing out today and Gabe LOVED it.  He must have gone down it 50 times in a half hour.  I had seen them online and thought they were kind of neat but I had no idea how much Gabe would really like it.   

I was surprised he was really good at sharing it too.  He even signed please and thank you to the other kids who wanted to ride.  I had one mom pretty impressed that he signed those and shared.  I told her since he doesn't talk that much the signing helps my sanity some.   

He did jump on the trampoline some with me, they are built right into the floor and we can both be on it.  I held his hands and I really got him bouncing pretty good even though my feet weren't leaving the trampoline.  As a kid we had a trampoline, one of those huge round ones you buy at Sam's and LOVED it.  So it's on my list of things we HAVE to have in our yard when we have one.  I guess that means that I have to have a fence too though (lol).  

All in all it was a fun morning.  Work was dead so I only worked 2 hours and I can't complain about going home early on a Friday.  

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