Monday, February 14, 2011

I haven't forgotten

I haven't forgotten that I have a blog, I promise.

What I've been doing is school.  Things are going well and this is my last semester of pre-reqs.  So I'm hoping things keep going well and I can petition in Sept to start in Jan.  I have a lot of other things swimming around in my head about if I should stay here and finish my ADN or go elsewhere spend more time and money and get my BSN.  I'm hoping I get in the first semester where I am so I don't REALLY have to think about this.  I WANT to work ASAP and I know that I can get a job with my ADN and go for the BSN slowly over time after I'm making some money ;P

Home has been good, we are almost ready to paint in the basement.  My Dad and I sanded most of the place, all walls and some of the ceilings before our arms gave out.  So next week we WILL finish sanding ;) I promise.  Then I need to prime, and paint.  Then floors go in and we can MOVE IN TO IT!!!  It's kind of weird to think about it being done any time in the future since I feel like we've been working on it forever.  We need to have a party when we are done. 

I'm ready for winter to be over, we've had two nice days in the 40s and I wish the whole winter was like this.  So maybe that desert dream will keep me dreaming about warm winters. 

Gabe has been good and keeping busy.  He's always got a story or a joke for us now and his best friend is Maddy (Dave and La's daughter).  They are super adorable together too!  If we could marry them off we would since we already like the In-laws ;)