Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh no!

So my mom and I were going to write the offer tonight and our realtor called us and said there is an offer on the house :(  Now last time we heard this they were wrong so I'm still holding out hope.  It's possible the offer isn't accepted yet and we could still bid and we'd make a strong bid (only a few thousand under the asking price).  

I need major prayers right now.  I'm trying really hard to stay objective but I can't.  This is my house.  It's always been "the one" since the moment we first looked at it.  It's the one I can see us in doing holidays etc.  I know I shouldn't get emotionally attached but I just can't help it. 

I need all the prayers that you guys have to send our way.  If this falls through we'll have no idea what to look at because all the other houses in the area are much smaller and need a ton of work and yet aren't that much less in price.  (sigh)  I NEED this to work out.  I NEED this to go our way.  Don't we deserve some GOOD luck once and awhile?   I don't even know what to think if this doesn't work out.  I swear the universe is laughing at us.  

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