Sunday, May 3, 2009

More house hunting

Today we went and looked through two more open houses.  One was exactly the same footprint/layout as a previous house but $13,000 more so that doesn't make any sense to even consider. 

The second was in a GREAT location, just blocks from downtown Cedarburg.  It's a corner lot (we seem to look at a lot of those) with a smallish yard though.  We know we have to do renovations so having a yard to take from to use for more house would be ideal.  It was SUPER cute and had a big enough basement with a toilet already in it to convert to a bed/bath suite and still have real basement space left over though so there was potential.  It's only been on the market a week though and at the top of our price range so the likely hood that they would come down far enough for us to put the amount of money into it that we would need to make it what we want is doubtful but it went on the list.   

We have one more that we want to look at right in Cedarburg that's priced at $159,900 which is DIRT cheap here but for that price we could put in the amount of money we need.  

So another week goes by with no idea what we're doing but I'm packing anyhow.  I SUCK at packing and I'm not a good organizer either so it takes me FOREVER to pack.  I really need a weekend alone at home to do it but that's not going to happen.  

In other news it was gorgeous outside today and we had friends stop by so we played outside with Gabe which makes me want a real yard even more.  That kid is such a ham for people.  He was showing off spinning in circles and jumping and driving his car around.   Darn he's a cute kid. 

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