Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleeping and cookies

I'd like the thank Heather for her post about Joe falling asleep.  It reminded me that I took the cutest pictures of Gabe last weekend.  

Mike and I went to see a movie and when we came back he was sleeping.  Grandpa was here watching him and Grandpa said "well that's where he fell sleep so I left him".  

This is the first time Gabe has EVER fallen asleep somewhere other then his bed.  He's very picky.  Notice that Grandpa covered him up and put a pillow on the floor so if he fell off the step he was safe.  Thanks Grandpa :D

Grandma gave Gabe and I some really great cookies last weekend too.  They were SOOO big I knew no one would believe me if I told them how big they were unless I took a picture.  Seriously my kid had a cookie the size of his head.  He ate the whole thing too and that's okay.  He's filthy from playing outside like a good boy too.

That's what happens when you spend the day with Grandma or Grandpa.  They let you get dirty and fall asleep in funny places.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend when you're 2. 


  1. Are you trying to kill me with cuteness? How sweet the way they sometimes push themselves to stay up when they're having fun and then they just pass out on the spot like a narcoleptic.

    That is the most massive cookie I've ever layed eyes on! Can you ever get him to leave Grandma and Grandpa's and come home???

    SO sweet.

  2. By the way, your blog is gorgeous! I love the owl overlay. "Whooo" wouldn't?

  3. LOL well Grandma lives next door (soon it will be together) and Grandpa lives about 20 min away. They spoil him like crazy. He would much prefer them to us though since he knows he can get away with murder with either of them.

    Thanks about the blog. I've been looking for something I love and I think this is it. Hopefully no one was reading the day I was changing it like every 10 seconds. Now I need a banner to match it though.

  4. AWE! Gabe is too cute! He's very lucky to have such awesome Grandparents! I LOVE the pictures!