Thursday, February 13, 2014

The day I became an RN

Today is the day I officially became an RN legally, officially.  The exam was yesterday and today I have a license number!  It feels a little surreal and so amazing!  

When I feel like quitting I need to remember this day, remember why I want to do this, remember the hard work that I put in to call myself a nurse. (And the hard work others did too to help me get here)

My first interview was last week Friday and I'm really crossing my fingers that they call me soon. It would be a great fit for me. I'm ready to work hard and learn so much more.  I'm ready to prove myself. 

There were times I felt like I might not make it, or that it would take forever to get here, but the fact is I did make it. I didn't give up and I made it.