Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gabe Kindergarten school starting

We are a couple weeks into kindergarten and it seems like Gabe is enjoying himself.  Of course getting information out of him is like getting information from a CIA agent, so it's hard to tell.

Now the fun part so I don't forget when he's older:

The school directly across the street from us (90 feet away) was full, which led to a fiasco of sending him to the other side of town, a ONE HOUR bus ride on the way home, etc.  After several emails with the principal and the superintendent of the schools we were told that we would be first on the list if there was an opening at our own school.  So Gabe started school across town at Kennedy Elementary School.  I received a phone call THAT DAY that there was an opening at Woodview.  Poor kid had two first days in a row, one at the "wrong" school and then the second day at the "correct" school.  He was a little confused to say the least, but at least he only had to do one day in the wrong place. 

He seems to like school so far, I haven't had any notes home about him being in trouble so he must be alright LOL!  Here's to hoping things continue to run smoothly!  I quite enjoy being able to see him on the playground during the day, and having him home only 5 min after school lets out.