Friday, May 1, 2009

A new plan

We have a new plan now for the house situation.  We think that we'll be most likely to move near the end of June if all things go well. 

We tried to stay local for a loan but turns out the big guys (countrywide/bank of america) have much better deals and are going to allow us to do what we want with LESS money down.   So while we have a contract on a house it only runs til May 22 and in Wisconsin it takes 21 days to close on a house.  We have to wait til May 23rd before deciding if we are going to rebid on that house or choose another one (since a few have popped up) but technically after today there is no way we could buy that house with this particular contract.  

Now of course the question comes down to location, location, location, price and size.  We have a very specific target area and there are a couple houses suddenly on the market in our perfect target area but they are small and would need more work to make them into what we want.  One is only 3 blocks from my Aunt and Uncle though (sigh).  There is still that really huge house for sale who's price has dropped 40,000 bucks from it's original asking price which is REALLY tempting but it's in the 2nd target area.  

So all in all we have a lot of options I think which is a good thing and at the end of May I think we'll have officially found a house and know where we'll be moving.   

Anyone want to help pack or move? ;) 

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