Monday, May 4, 2009


Ever have a house call to you? And then have a second one that's close to being perfect? That's where I am. I have a house that really calls to me, but Mike thinks it's too big. I really like the second option so it really would be fine but I think I might always wonder about that other one, the first one that I thought was ours when we first started looking. It's still there. Will it be there in 20 days when it matters? Will they go down enough for it to matter? I have no idea but I know what I want the answers to be.

I can see us in the kitchen having breakfast and playing in the yard on the swing set that's already there. I can see us having people over for Christmas and Thanksgiving and it being HOME.

Have I mentioned I need to pack? It's so hard to pack when you don't know where you're going. I need a good kick in the rear though. Today I HAVE to do some packing or at least laundry so that the winter stuff can be packed away. So when I get home from work I MUST do work. Someone kick me and remind me of that this afternoon when I'm tired from work or think something else would be fun.

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