Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life in a nutshell

I'm halfway through my first semester of nursing classes.  I am stressed, overwhelmed, but I love it.  Really!  I love the information that is being crammed into my brain every day.  I love the stuff that I think is gross.  I especially love the people that I am meeting and becoming friends with. 

Of course today I'm home sick with a little boy who's running a temp and worrying that I am missing a clinical day but overall everyone has been doing well during my "absence".  Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on things and Gabe and Mike are being neglected.  I know its only a short amount of time, and half way through the semester, means only 8 more weeks until summer anyhow.  Oh how I love that count down!!  Then I realize how short of a time that it really takes and it will be over.  How fast time goes!!

Ten years ago (on Tuesday) Mike and I got married.  Then I was a boisterous, funny, skinnier ;), very young woman and at 19 that girl would have never considered being a nurse.  She would have balked at the work, thought it gross, dirty, lowly and not fun at all.  Mike and I got married and had no plans to have kids, heck we were lucky to keep our cat fed then.  Now of course Gabe is 5 years old, I'm in school full time, Mike is still/again at FIS (or whatever you want to call it).  We're living in a great house and doing okay no matter the ups and downs we've had.  This 29 year old woman feels light years older (in a good way) than that 19 year old girl and yet I still feel the same deep down.  I'm glad that we've come this far together and I can't wait for the road ahead for life, school and family. 

To those that have been on this ride from the beginning I'm so happy to have had you there through it all, to those just joining us HANG ON! I hope you stick around for the next chapter(s).