Monday, June 21, 2010


Sometimes I forget how much I love my friends. Sometimes I forget I have more friends than I think too.

We had a fabulous day Saturday with lots of friends, old and new, and I find each and every time we get to go and be geeks wonderful unexpected things happen and I always find new friends.

I remember why the gaming community is something that I love and I don't mind calling myself a gamer anymore. Ten years ago I would have avoided calling myself that at all costs, now not so much. The people are some of the nicest, sweetest, most giving and generous people I've ever had the privilege to meet. The few jerks can be ignored, every group has them.

Of course when we get home at 2:30 am and only get four hours of sleep the next morning I remember why I don't do it more but I do know I want to do it more anyhow. Although I think we need a bigger vehicle. Someone should have a van (other than Jenny :P)

I'm really looking forward to our "little" BBQ this Saturday and I'm hoping I have enough food/drinks/fun (EEK!) but no matter what I know that we'll have a blast.

If you're heading our way next weekend we can't wait to see you. Bring some beer (or whatever you drink) and anything else you think might be fun. Heck bring someONE you think might be fun too. Maybe we'll pitch more than one tent in the backyard. This is one of those events that reminds me why I love having a yard and a house.

OOOH in completely other news, we got the loan for the basement so we will be starting all of that work. I'm REALLY hoping to be in the finished product by October. That way we'll have even more room (privacy) for us and anyone who wants to come and stay. Then the parties can get even bigger ;)