Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....

Ok I know it's not Monday but it is raining and dreary.  

The nice thing about today is I got to come home from work early.  It was so nice and Mike was surprised to see me too.  I have no exciting plans since it's raining but I do have to vacuum and do laundry. 

I have no clue what's for dinner though, I hate deciding dinner.  I need someone to make me about a year's worth of meals in advance and put them in my freezer so all I have to do is stare at it and pick one thing out.  It has to be something I can cook from frozen to because I never remember to defrost things until the last minute.  

I think I'm going to pack most of the dvds and games away tonight and only leave out the few that I know Gabe really loves so we have something to watch once and awhile but the rest can get boxed for now.   I should move the 12 boxes sitting in my kitchen to the garage too so I don't bash my toe on them every time I walk by them too. 

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