Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the house saga continues...

Today my mom calls and says that the house we put an offer in with the contingency has an offer with no contingency so we're losing the house :(   Well I'm a little bummed but really not as bad as I thought I would be. 

THEN my mom gets a call to find out she was approved for the amount we expected to be and she does NOT have to sell her condo and they are going to take what she paid for it for the equity so they aren't going to even bother sending an appraiser out.  So that's VERY good news.

Sooooo what house are we going to look at now?  Remember that huge 3000 sq foot house I first thought was OURS?  Yup it's still on the market and FORTY THOUSAND dollars cheaper than it was then.  It's down to $175,000.  It's a foreclosure so we're going to bid $140,000 and see where they come back at.   

I have had a few dreams about that house.  I feel like it has always been the one and yet I didn't want Mike to feel like he was giving into me (again) so I really would have been okay with the other house, but that's out of our hands now.   

So my mom is going to try and put an offer in today or tomorrow but it might not be til Monday.  NOW I'm really going to be nerve wracked (is that even a word?).    So pray really really really really hard that there isn't an offer on it yet that we haven't heard about or I WILL be crushed. 

Want to see pictures of the UGLY but beautiful house?  It has a swing set in the back already and a 6 foot high fence.  The level where the fireplace is has a bath with a shower only but we'll put a BIG tub in soon and a bedroom for Mike and I.  Gabe will be in one of the bedrooms upstairs closer to my mom.  

The counter in the kitchen needs to go.  You can't tell in the pictures but EVERY tile is on a different plane and not level at all.    So here's to hoping (crosses the crossables). 


  1. Sounds like great news overall Mel! I hope your offer is accepted. GL! xoxo

  2. Thanks! I just have to remember that sometimes foreclosures move REALLY slowly. It can take a week to hear back even if it's good news and that will drive me nuts!

  3. Good Luck Mel! I can't wait to hear some good news! I really hope that this is the house for you!

  4. We're putting an offer in today!