Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another bid in...

Bear with me I'm going to post pictures in this one.  SEVERAL.  If someone knows of something I did wrong or something that makes it easier please inform me, I uploaded them one at a time and then drug them through the post to where I wanted them :D

We went to look at house number 1 tonight.  There is a bid in but NOT accepted yet.  One of a few things could happen.

*They could say get bent we don't want to look at another offer
*They could look at the offer and still accept the first offer
*They could accept our offer (and the other people would still have a chance to counter it but we can't go up anymore)

We have no contingencies at all and are not even asking for closing costs.  It's 10k under the asking price but it's the highest we can go and still eat (Anyone want to send us PB&J and Ramen I can give you the address) it's going to be tight for a few months until my mom's place gets rented out, then we can eat again :D

So without further ado:

Living Room, second one with Gabe playing with the windows in the dining room:

Dining room and Kitchen area (check out the deck through the patio doors!) there is a dishwasher but we have to get a stove and fridge:


Then there are 3 bedrooms and a bath and a half upstairs, I'll just show you one of the bedrooms since it has a cute window bench in it.  My mom would take the "master" on the main level and Gabe would have his room there too. This would be Gabe's:

But the Piece de Resistance is the almost finished basement.  It needs a bathroom but we can deal for awhile until we put that in.  It has a bedroom and a family room already done.  It has a laundry room and a HUGE empty space for my shower and tub bathroom.  I'm dying for a great tub and a separate shower.  

It has a spot for a wood burning stove if we wanted:

The bedroom which we will add an easement window in for safety AND light but it's not exciting so I won't post a pic.  I'm sure you're already bored.  So we'll cross our fingers AGAIN and we'll know in a couple days I suspect.  I really am not emotionally attached but I am hopeful.  I think it's just my nature to be hopeful and optimistic.   I also have to get attached to a house to picture myself in it. 


  1. Nice! I love hardwood floors. A deck - yay!

  2. OOOO! It looks beautiful! Best of luck on the bid!!! :)

  3. I REALLY like this one! I LOVE all the hardwood floors! It doesn't look like it needs a whole lot of work either.

  4. Surprisingly it doesn't need a lot of work. The only thing it NEEDS is the bathroom in the basement. The carpet in the basement should be replaced but it's not nasty just ugly. Of course we need to paint too but that's a given.