Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just keep swimming....

I feel like I'm drowning.  I am starting to see some people start to lose it.  Just three weeks left of this semester.  I'm both shocked at how fast it is going and yet each day seems like an eternity.  Each morning my alarm goes off and I think I could sleep for days, maybe I will when I have that chance.  Gabe can fend for himself ;)  Tests, tests, studying, studying, clinicals and reading. 

Things just feel like they are all so far to the wayside that I can't even think about them much, laundry is a joke!  I mean I'm not great at keeping up on laundry normally but right now it is a complete and utter disaster!  Food....well I did gain 4 pounds during this semester.  That's pretty good I think considering the complete and total lack of working out I have done.  I am looking forward to having some time to work out soon.  I really do need the time to unwind but then I feel guilty for not hanging out with Mike or Gabe or studying, eating or even ...GASP!.... sleeping that I don't do it. 

I am glad I'm doing this.  I feel really drawn here to this point in my life.  I feel like something called me here.  The universe put a lot of things in front of me and I ended up here.  I'm loving the work and I love the theory, I can't wait to find my place and find MY people, the place where I'm comfortable as a nurse, the place where I belong, the place where I make a difference in even just one person's day.  I know its out there.  I have some ideas of where I think I might want to be but then I learn something new and get interested in that too, I'm like a crow going after things that are shiny right now.  Hopefully I'll just KNOW.

For now though one day at a time, one class at a time, and one test at a time.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring break

Well spring break came and went.  I didn't do anything exciting really but it was nice...sort of.  I find spring break to be a double edged sword.  I NEEDED the break...but I'm really just now actually relaxed from school and have to go back tomorrow...and we have a TEST!  On the first day back, yuck.  Whomever scheduled that should be flogged. 

There are only five weeks left of school this semester though and that will go by fast.  So I'm keeping my head down, and going to power through it!