Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm horrible at this game...

Sorry I have been slacking badly about updating. I promise I'm still alive.

The basement! Here are some pics of the windows:

1. The Basement is coming along nicely. My dad and brother helped get both the windows in and there is a ton of sunlight down there now. There are two windows, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. They are both 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall.

2. The plumber has done step one and we need to finish two walls for them to get the rest done. I'm dying to get into my heated bathtub!!

3. We're almost done with studs so anyone who wants to help (read PLEASE HELP US!) we will need to set up a weekend for doing drywall. I'm hoping to have the electrical stuff done in the next two or three weekends, so it looks like the end of Oct or early Nov will be drywall.


School is going well this semester. I'm taking Microbiology, Economics, English, and a health study course. Everything but Microbiology is online and I really enjoy the online options because it saves me a ton of time.

I've been eating well and exercising my butt off (literally). I'm down 18lbs so far and up to 30 min on the elliptical machine 5-6 days a week. I REALLY need to up the weight training but I only have teeny tiny weights and no place to do them all by myself right now.

He's a stinker lately and thinks he's so funny. He's learned some one liner jokes but half the time they come out crazy. "Why did the chicken cross the street" "Get to the other side" But sometimes it's about a car, a duck, a block anything and the answer is still the same. Then we were at dinner the other night and he's wearing bib overalls and my mom tells him that she likes them. He says "I have little bibs and mom has big bibs" Then proceeds to show us his nipples and smack me in the chest. MEN ;)

He has been going sporadically on the potty, mostly right before bed and waking up dry fairly often. Slow going but we're making progress.

Uhh he has his own blog but never updates (hint hint) and he should tell you if there is anything exciting going on but he's still kicking.