Thursday, November 26, 2009


Annoying Noises Prohibitted [sic]Image by BarelyFitz via Flickr

It's Thanksgiving and we're full up on turkey and mashed potatoes. Some had pumpkin pie, but since I don't care for pumpkin pie I had none.

Instead of being thankful today though I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed with the F up and my back that leaves me short on money on a holiday weekend, short on gas because I have no money and rummaging though my son's piggy bank for change for the car.

Instead of being thankful I just wish at this point it was Saturday already so we could hang out with friends and play Rock Band and eat deep fried turkey.

It doesn't help that I woke up with a headache stabbing through my right eye. That Gabe was rather cranky today, but at least when he napped it was a good long nap.

The evening plans include a whole lot of nothing. I'm trying to not be annoyed for no reason for the rest of the evening but when you start the day in a funk it's hard to get yourself out of it in a snap too.

So even though it's Thanksgiving and I should be thankful for all the truly wonderful things I DO have I'm spending it annoyed. I'll be thankful tomorrow.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When you think of something write it down...

Otherwise you end up like me. I'm laying in bed last night and I thought something really funny and thought "hey you should blog that in the morning". Of course this morning I have NO idea what it was.

It did make me think of something else funny though. My mom got this clock awhile back for $40 at some consignment store. It's got a nice ticking sound to it, and you have to remember to wind it. It says it's a 31 day clock but really ya gotta wind it every two weeks. What's funny about this particular clock is that it's supposed to ring once for the half hour and then on the hour for the time it is. Well it doesn't quite work that way. It dings correctly once on any half hour but the hour marks are a dice roll. It does ding between 11 and 4 properly but the other hours are a crap shoot.

Mike and I were laying in bed a couple nights ago talking and we were talking about the clock. I said well at least it hasn't dinged 13 yet since we think that might be the third sign of the apocalypse. Of course suddenly the clock starts dinging and we're obsessed with counting the chimes now. I swear that it dinged 13 just that once. I haven't heard it before and I haven't heard it do that since.

So we have this quirky clock, and we could probably have it taken in and fixed but I kind of like the fact that you're never sure what time it will really ding. So I think we'll keep our quirky clock just the way it is. Not everything has to be perfect to be enjoyable.

Monday, November 16, 2009

When flour and child collide

You all know that when they are quiet you're in trouble right? Well yesterday it was a doozy of one.

Yes he's wearing shorts, no it's not that warm here, he picked them out himself.

Now I have to say that it was pretty funny. I've heard this story about how I baby powdered my bedroom TWICE as a child so having my son flour the kitchen while I was in the next room was rather amusing.

So Mike grabs the shop vac and starts vacuuming. I strip the kid down and get him in the tub. Gabe used to hate the tub but now he thinks it's fun. That is unless we have to wash his hair.

Of course with that amount of flour he did need his hair washed. I have to hold him down and do it while the conversation goes like this:

Me: Honey it's okay it's just water
Gabe: No momma, no no no OWWWWWWW
Me: Gabe it doesn't hurt it's just water
Gabe: OWWWW NO NO NO NO (insert cringing down here as well)
Me: well silly if you hadn't put flour in your hair we wouldn't have to wash it again
Gabe: Flour? Hair? (giggling)
Me: Okay gotta rinse
Gabe: No momma no no no no no hair, no wet!
Me: Okay all done
Gabe: no more momma

I have no idea why he hates it. I don't even have to have soap for him to yell. I admit most of the time I just wipe it down with a damp cloth he hates it so much. I don't have any idea how to fix it either. I feel horrible because he really does seem TERRIFIED of the water on his head. It's not in his eyes even. I can get the back of his head wet and he screams like that. Anyone with ideas that can help him?

Other than the hair washing/screaming the afternoon was pretty funny though and I was amused because kids will be kids.