Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Seriously, sooner or later my mom and I are going to get arrested. Why you ask? Because we wander around Cedarburg and Grafton and look into the windows of empty houses for sale. We boost each other up to look into tall windows, we lay on the ground to look in the basement windows. We even take Gabe with us a lot.

Last night we went to look at a house that's listed for sale and was empty but has no sign out front so we REALLY looked like weirdos I bet. Then three families walk by and we wave like it's no big deal that we're peeping Toms. So far no one has called the cops but I can see it happening. Luckily my mom went to high school with most of the cops so I don't think they would REALLY arrest us but I can see the headline now:

Two local women and a baby were arrested Monday night for trespassing and peeking into windows of empty homes.

We also have an obsession with corner lots. Without knowing ahead of time EIGHT houses we have looked at have been corner lots. We must have a desire to snow blow twice as much as everyone else or something. It's really become a crazy running joke. I don't know how we do it so much without planning it that way.

So we're back to square one and there are two homes that might fit our requirements so we'll go look Saturday. It's hard to keep my spirits up but I'm trying. I know we'll find something.

House number 1 better neighborhood fully finished basement just needs a bathroom downstairs, cute layout and nicely finished kitchen, detached garage which is huge, shed, nice size yard

House number 2 fire place, needs some love, basement not finished so we would have to do all of it ourselves, nice lot looks at a farm, attached garage, busier street doesn't feel like a neighborhood because of the street it's facing but the other street (side yard) is nice and the backyard touches another house we looked at which had an offer accepted.

House 1

House 2

If you pull up the google maps streetview for either you'll see that they are both cuter in person than the pictures.

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  1. LOL Mel! I'm a "house stalker" too! I've been known to look into empty houses when I'm house hunting. I was looking at a house for my Mom and it didn't look like anyone lived there, so I started to pull in and noticed a vehicle around back. I still drove around the block a couple times to get a better look at it, the neighbors started to look at me funny though.
    Talking about getting arrested, my realestate agent used a credit card to get into a house for sale that we wanted to look at, but she didn't have a key for. I was a little worried about that one. Happy house hunting!