Thursday, July 7, 2011

One month til my 29th birthday

Why yes I am counting, just like another wonderful woman I know, Patty.  The Leos gotta stick together.

So in honor of the Leo birthdays, and the little bit of self centered-ness that allows me let me share with you some things that I'd like for my birthday.  

First and foremost I'm REALLY hoping to hit my original weight loss goal of 75lbs lost in one year. That's about your average German Sheperd Dog weight, or twice my 4.5 year old.  I've since changed my goal but hitting the original one would still be a pretty nice victory.  Of course now my goal is to lose two of your average Elephant penises (penii? I'm never sure what the plural is).  That's 44lbs a piece, I'm actually only shooting for 83lbs lost but I couldn't resist throwing the Elephant penis in, I wonder what Google will think of THAT one?! And OMG my dad just read that, sorry Dad!  Also there are about a zillion different measurements for that (I mean who gets that job?!) So take the weight with a grain of salt.

So from here out I'll have some things that I'm thinking about for my birthday.  Who knows what I'll think of next?

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