Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best birthday idea yet!

I have the best idea yet.  I think that we should have a party.  I like any reason to get people I love together is a good reason.  Plus Jerry, and Jake apparently, volunteered the house for a party.  I really don't mind but I'm going to give them a pretty hard time about it because I can ;)

Anyhow it so happens that we were volunteered for a party the weekend after my birthday.  So Saturday August 13th I'm hoping to have lots of people at the house for some grilling, music and burning whatever stuff I can in the fire pit.  There will be at least one tent available (someone always ends up in the tent) and plenty of floor/couch space to crash on too. 

I am sort of hoping the cops don't make an appearance this time, and anyone who missed that Memorial Day party last year left too early, lol.

What better idea for a birthday party then to have those friends that you count as family with you?!  Especially since this is the first time I'm turning 29.  It's worth partying for!

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