Friday, July 17, 2009

To do or not to do....

I'm super bored BUT I have a ton of stuff I should be doing. Isn't that the worst place to be? So lets start a list!

  • Bring boxes up from basement
  • Do laundry so that the non-necessities can be packed
  • Pack non-necessary clothes
  • Continue packing kitchen stuff that I know I won't need in the next two weeks, including spices
  • Throw out any spices I haven't used in recent memory
  • Buy bras this weekend, really I'm down to 2 and I NEED to buy some
  • Organize my desk so that it can be packed
  • Get cleaning supplies ready for this place AND the new place
  • Don't freak out that I think I don't have enough boxes now to pack the house
Ok I think that's it. Really I am just sick and tired of waiting for moving. We'll have been waiting for EIGHT weeks by the time we close since our offer was accepted and I'm tired of waiting. Tons of other people have moved before we did even if they decided to move AFTER we did. I'm tired, annoyed and ready to get settled.

I did buy paint for Gabe's room though. I bought a great blue and a great green. Three walls will be blue and one green because it's REALLY green ;) I can't wait to do that. At least someone's room will be done right away.

Now the trick is to stay motivated to actually WORK on the list like I should.

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