Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lots to talk about

First let's talk about the house. I haven't talked about the house in awhile and I'm sure that you're wondering what the heck is going on there.

Tuesday we had our home inspection. There were things wrong but nothing that really surprised us.

  • The furnace is not currently working (at least it's summer) and the inspection is pretty sure it's the on board computer that needs to be replaced, not horribly expensive at least
  • The flashing on the chimney was not done properly so there was water getting in (there was an old leak in the kitchen from it. We'll replace the flashing and be good to go.
  • The water system has a leak in it... Where we don't know exactly we're going to be checking that this afternoon when we go.
  • There is some mold/mildew in the bathroom. The fan didn't work properly and we're redoing that bathroom right away anyhow. It's not toxic mold so it's not a major concern.
The roof is okay for now. We probably have 5 years before we have to tear it off and put a new one on. The gutters are PACKED with crap from the trees so they are backing up on to the soffets so hopefully when they get cleaned out they'll drain probably and we won't have to redo the soffets right away.

Other than that our closing is still scheduled for the first week in August. We're trying desperately to get it pushed back to the last full week of July so that we're not homeless. Our lease here runs out July 31st and I want to be able to clean my carpets before we have to really be out.

Next item of business....

Mike had an interview this morning with his current company but for a first shift position. Yes you read that right FIRST shift. That's what a normal person works ;) There is a pay cut because he's going from third to first we'll lose that shift premium but I don't care. He's been told he's an front runner but there are a few other interviews that have to be done first.


I think I'm going to go to school if Mike goes to first shift. Now I have NO college credits. I'm terrified of wading through the paper work and figuring all of it out. I want to do online courses so I can do them while Gabe sleeps during the day, or in the evenings after Mike is home. I'll either go for a medical assistant or a pharmacy technician. I NEED them to give us enough money that I can actually pocket some of it to help with living expenses. I know I need to start with FAFSA but we make LESS this year than we did last year (especially with the pay cut coming) so I have to figure out how to add an addendum to it so that they know that we're making less. ACK see I get scared and then I do nothing.

So as if moving wasn't enough stress we're going to make as many life changes as we can in as short of time as we can apparently. Then people wonder why I'm stressed out right?! I know why some people drink. I swear I need a vice.

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  1. Grats on the progress.

    Home ownership brings all kinds of joy and pain. It's a mixed bag, but essentially a positive.

    When it comes to school, get all the info you can, and then move forward. You should be able to amend your FAFSA online at Try the third one on the right.

    No heavy drinking, it makes decisions even harder. :)

    Give us a call, we'll help you out. Remember, we're several years ahead of you on a similar path (i.e. school, house, etc.).