Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ever notice...

The closer ya get to moving the harder it is to pack? That is until the night before when you're a crazy woman in panic mode realizing that you're moving tomorrow and you still have eleventy million things to stuff in a box.

At that point the organization goes out the window and you find yourself with a box with a 10lbs weight and a lamp in it (yes my mom actually did that once). I do have a suitcase set aside for the immediate necessities like underwear and toothbrushes.

We are moving Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1. HOLY COW! That's soon.

I promise I have a plan, how well I execute that plan.... well that's yet to be seen. We'll see if my friends that are driving almost 7 hours to come help us out think I'm an idiot or not after they get here ;) I did promise food and beverages too. I reminded them to bring their own pillows though since my crap is packed.

I'm also hoping for no heat and no rain. It would be a novelty for us to move on a normal day though so I'm not holding my breath.

My Dad is coming this weekend to help me move my fridge to the garage so I can put the landlord's fridge back in the kitchen where it belongs.

If I suddenly drop off the face of the Earth you'll know I've been sucked into moving hell.


  1. You're moving so soon? How exciting!!! I know that moving Hell well. Trust me. Just know that it will pass and in a month from now you'll be 10,000 times happier than you are right this second.

    You CAN do EEEET!

  2. Soon? Geez we've been waiting FOREVER. It's been 8 weeks since our offer was accepted. I'm dying to move.

    I'm also going crazy and think I might drink heavily or start smoking or something.

    I have SOOO much stuff to do this weekend to be ready. I need a professional packer (free ;p)