Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paint, paint and more paint!

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Let me tell you choosing paint colors for a whole house at one time is HARD work.

Then not only do you have to pick the basic colors but there's about a zillion shades of that color to choose from and then coordinate it with other colors in that room etc. BAH! I'm going blind ;)

I do know that the kitchen is going to be orange with blue accent and white cupboards. The kitchen is HUGE and we love color so it's a good place to put a lot of color. We found gorgeous square dinner plates (well a set with cups and bowls too) that is blue to jump off of for the blue shade. The living room is adjacent to the kitchen but I think that is going to stay a more neutral color. I call it wet sand (lol). My mom and I have been talking about paint forever it seems. Mike only wants to have input when we narrow it down. He doesn't like too many options to think about, plus he's partially color blind so he doesn't always see them how we do anyhow.

Then I have Gabe's bedroom which is going to be greens and blues to coordinate with his bedding that we already have.

After that my mom has her bedroom to choose and her bathroom to choose. We're going to be staying in the smallest bedroom til we're done with the basement remodel so I think my mom is going to choose the color in that room too since it will be her sewing room.

In a couple months I'll have my bedroom and bathroom to choose and the family room in the basement to choose too.

I LOVE painting but picking all of the colors at once is tough work! I just want to be done already. We still have a couple weeks before we close so I can't actually get my painting done either, I'm just picking out colors.

Here's a picture of an orange/blue kitchen that I saw that I like. Our cupboards are white though. I figure someone thinks we're crazy so I thought I'd show ya that it can work ;)

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