Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Closing date

We officially have a closing date of July 30th at 3pm. YEA! I am excited but I really wish it was a week sooner. I am supposed to be out of my place by July 31st so I'm going to have very little time to do the carpets after moving.

Plus I want to paint!! I was hoping to get a couple days to paint before we moved because it's just easier and then the house doesn't smell like paint when you move in.

I'm crossing my fingers for the closing to be moved up even more but I'm just glad that I won't be homeless (lol).

Today I'm home from work because Mike isn't feeling well. I NEED to bring up boxes from the basement and run to the bank. I should be productive on this random day off. I wonder how many boxes I can still fit in the garage?

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