Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have no place to live

As of Sunday I have no place to live. We were told this morning that because Bank of America didn't get the paperwork to HUD til today that we are not closing tomorrow.

If we do then God himself must have helped.

BoA had plenty of time to ask us for all the paperwork and their communication with us sucked. So we spent the last week running around for misc bits and pieces (not major information in my opinion either). Only to find out that it didn't matter.

So I'm homeless come Sunday :( I don't even know if I'm mad anymore, I'm just sad.

I have no people to move me after this weekend, no time to take off of work (I've taken unpaid days this week) and have to try and get a Uhaul for that weekend. :(


  1. Uggh...Gosh I thought everything was coming together.... I swear these days it doesn't matter what industry it is but it is amazing the lack of willingness of some people to do their job... Don't they know it affects other people?


  2. Are the people buying your house willing to rent it to you for a week or so?

    I'm so sorry about all this. You must feel like you're losing your mind!

  3. What's the new time of moving, do you know? If it's not a Saturday I might be able to swing my day off around. I don't have a big van, but I could take out my back 2 seats or something.

  4. Heather- We're moving out because we're on a lease (renting) and our landlord has already extended our lease to let us stay Sat/Sun this weekend. He has to be in to paint before the next people move in. So we're going to end up bunking at my g-parents or something (I don't really know yet).

    Jenny-Thanks for the offer if I need you I'll give you a call. It won't be this weekend but maybe next weekend (Aug 9?) it's a Sunday it's possible I might just need you.