Monday, July 27, 2009


I mean really? Seriously? You have to be kidding right?

So lets start at the beginning of the day.

I get a phone call from the realtor (Karen) who says that HUD (ppl that are selling this foreclosed house) don't have all our paperwork. Uhhh we're supposed to close on Thursday. Why are they telling us on MONDAY that they don't have all they need? We might not close on time now.

Well CRAP, I run out of place to live pretty quick here. I have people coming to help move, I took off work, my dad took off, my mom took off, friends are driving in from out of state, there's a truck rented, you get the picture right?

So I spent half of the morning running around the known free world spending money (that I don't have) like it's going out of style. I find out that the inspector may have to come back to the house (more $$) to turn the water on even though it's ALREADY ON! The HUD people apparently don't believe the city of Grafton. Luckily we got that taken care of.

Then I had to go to my Grandparents house today to get the rest of the paperwork that they are sending over (co-signers on the loan) because Bank of America apparently didn't get it all last time.

Now my Grandma just got out of the hospital and needs to rest, but instead I have to have her sit with me while I'm on the phone to get this straightened out.


I know why people smoke and drink, really I do.

The inspector said he would just sign off on the water as long as we were okay with it (we are) and send it over with an addendum. I paid the $50 at Grafton water for some darn clean water test that had to be done. I faxed everything from the bank over to the processor.

I hope now things are done and settled, though I don't believe that for one darn second.

As of right now though they say that we're still closing Thursday. Gee what a nice surprise that would be (roll eyes here)

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