Thursday, June 18, 2009

Job offers

Mike came home and told me there is an opening at his current employer, for his job on first shift (he's on third shift now). He wanted to talk to me before posting for it because there would be a pay cut right off the top. He'd lose his shift premium which would be 15% of his total pay. That's a BIG pay cut ($4000+ a year).

I told him I didn't care, we'll figure it out somehow. He's GOT to get off of 3rd shift it's horrible for his health. I mean no one should work third shift but a guy with MS really shouldn't be working 3rd shift. It's impossible for him to get enough sleep, impossible for him to go to school etc.

I'm actually hoping we'll be poor enough to really qualify for some things at least. We were JUST over the $$ cut off before so cutting that much off of our income probably will "help". I'll just have to figure out if I'm going to keep working or if I'll quit my job and be the one to go to school or if DH will go to school on the weekends/nights. My mom says she can watch Gabe some to help out too.

I'll probably look into state funded health care if he does get it since then we could save the money we pay in premiums now ($400/month) which would be better too but I worry about Mike being able to see his regular neurologist that way, getting the RIGHT meds and not whatever they tell him he needs etc.

I know I'm REALLY putting the horse before the cart but it's better for me to think things out before it happens just in case so I can have a plan in place IF it does. The way things go at his employer though I won't be holding my breath but extra prayers and positive thoughts would be nice.


  1. You are one smart cookie, Mel! I agree that Mike's health comes first. Hope you've got a head for numbers because it sounds like you're going to be crunching a ton of them in the next month or so.

    Here's to new and better beginnings!

  2. That's great! I don't see how Mike works 3rd shift like that and deals with his MS. I think it's a wonderful opportunity! Surely he could keep seeing his Dr. and get his usual meds. Everything happens for a reason:-)

  3. I hope things work out. I agree...3rd shift is disastrous for people who need to sleep well and eat right to maintain a healthy immune system.

    If you voluntarily give up the benefits you pay for through his work (without him losing his job)will his MS be considered a "pre-existing condition" on a new plan? Just something to consider.

  4. In Wisconsin as long as the employer offers group insurance and has more than 30 (or 50?) employees they can NOT deny him insurance because of a pre-existing condition. It's the ONLY good thing we have here. We can never carry our own private insurance because of that, it's WAAAY to expensive.

    Joy- Wisconsin's state insurance is really wacky. They have specific doctors that you can and can not see and last year they weren't allowing people to take self injected medications (which screws diabetics too) and affects Mike since one of his meds is self injected. We'll likely end up paying for it out of pocket. The street price is $2,000 a month but USUALLY the company will work with you for the reduced price of $50 a month which is what we pay now. So I have to do some research on that before we make a decision.