Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He ate it!

Before I could get to him Gabe ate a cat treat.  You know one of those squishy ones that comes out of a bag.   He had it because he likes to give the treats to the cats when they don't run away from him.  Suddenly though I turned around and he's chewing.  

I asked him to show me what was in his mouth and when he stuck out his tongue there is was, Oh well.  He did say YUM and lick his lips when he was done.  I better hide the rest or he'll be eating them all.  

I think that's the strangest thing he's eaten so far so I thought it deserved note.

Sometimes I wonder about that boy.

Please return to your regularly scheduled day. 


  1. Oh no! How funny! You just know he couldn't resist.

    For what it's worth I ate dog food once and I'm fairly normal. Oops!

  2. And here I thought only blue-haired elderly ladies ate cat food when stretching their pension checks! You learn something every day ;)

  3. Dawn that's what my Grandma said too!