Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cars, Cars, Cars

Gabe loves cars, big cars, little cars, trucks, trains, you name it.  He especially loves the move Cars though and I think Lighting Mcqueen might just be his hero.   

Now Gabe doesn't talk nearly as much as the other kids his age so when he gets something down it's worth celebrating.   Yesterday evening we were watching Cars, AGAIN, and at the end suddenly I hear "bah cow"  (Ca Chow).  It's Lighting's signature sound.  I just about died laughing.  When Mike got up I asked Gabe "what does lighting Mcqueen say?"  And he says "Bah cow" again.  Mike and I both busted up laughing.  

Now you do Ta-Da, Ba Cow, and You make a dinosaur sound when you get asked what Grimlock (Transformer who's a dino) says too.  I love this stage where you do things on cue.  It makes it really easy to impress the Grandparents with cuteness. 

PS.  I went to preview this post before publishing and Gabe saw Lighting at the top and started saying "car, Bah Cow" and pointing.  I love that kid.  

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  1. Chase is a car freak too! He really doesn't play with anything else. If it doesn't have wheels on it, he's not really interested. I haven't gotten him to sit still long enough to watch the movie Cars though. Gabe sounds like such a cutie pie!