Monday, June 8, 2009


Geez we've been so busy lately.  I feel like I can't even take a breath.

It was kind of over cast and rainy all weekend but we did run to see Mike's parents and then his sister. 

Then yesterday our friend Dave brought his daughter Maddy over to play.  She's about 9 months younger than Gabe and they got along wonderfully!   They were so cute following each other around and they did hold hands but I missed the picture. :(   

It was just all kinds of little things.  Today I have a zillion errands to run and we're broke.  So broke I think I have to bounce the check book for meds :(  I hate that.  We just can't ever catch up.  It's always something...

I will have a couple pictures of the house up soon.  We went for a walk through this weekend too and GEEZ do we have work to do.  I mean we knew we did but when you go through again you really get a feel for how much work there is.   I'm going to have to take up a collection for paint and the oven since we need that pretty quick.     My mom and I did check out some furniture this weekend too since I know she said she'd buy new living room furniture not matter where she was going so as long as we're all moving in together we might as well find something we can all enjoy.  

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  1. Mel, you are not alone! It seems like everyone is living paycheck to almost making the next paycheck these days.

    We shall overcome! And these lean times will be looked back on with fondness for how close we all became when we pulled together.