Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So it's hot hot hot, and HUMID too.  90 degrees out still and it's almost 7:30pm here.   

Mike is home from work for the whole week.  He's doing steroids again.  At least they're doing oral again instead of having to go in and get stuck with needles (no one needs more needles).   We have the AC running and we're just hanging out inside now.  

Hopefully the steroids will help, and Mike won't be too cranky on them.  Steroids always make ya cranky.  I did get orange juice which helps with the potassium loss during it.  Now if I can just convince Gabe to not drink all of it will be in good shape. 

Just figured I better update since I mentioned Mike hadn't been feeling great.   This too shall pass. 


  1. Bananas for the potassium.

  2. yeah Bananas and OJ but I was too lazy to buy the bananas. Gabe wouldn't have let Mike eat any of them anyhow ;P