Friday, July 9, 2010

Writer's block

Can one actually write about writer's block? Doesn't that by definition mean you do not have writer's block? Is there a minimum amount of time you must be stuck for before it's really a block and not a brain fart? I mean what's acceptable? 10 min, an hour, 2 days? Who decides these things anyway?

I started thinking that I'd like some fun blog prompts and of course I come up empty handed. So I start Googling and I find all kinds of sites dedicated to breaking writer's block, yet none of them are what I want.

I want something interesting, funny, or thought provoking. I've had a few ideas lately but then I think "that's silly" and talk myself out of it. Sometimes I just get side tracked and forget what it is I thought was so clever in the first place.

So all in all this is a post about writer's block. If you're writing about it do you still really have it? What are you ideas for breaking it? Do you have any really great places that lead you to think deep (or shallow) things? I'm trying to take a cue from Dawn and just WRITE more, even if it is silly or boring. So deal with it, and blame Dawn if I suck. It's all her fault anyway.

Shoot me some ideas and I'll try and write something up about it and post it with a link back to your blog too. We can all use more followers right?

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  1. Hahaha :) I think you should write a diary-ish post about "A Day in the Life of a College Mom". Can people do NOT know what it's like. Or how about posting some pics of you and Mike at the last WoW conference? Or put some denim overalls on Gabe and take some pics of him helping with the basement remodel, then narrate them? That would be so cute.