Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When did that happen?!

When did I become an adult? Was it when I was excited that I bought a fridge? Or how about when the new windows got installed last week? Oh wait I think it was today when I bought an entire bathroom worth of fixtures and was super excited BUT thought "Dang that was a lot of money". That's when it happened I'm sure of it.

We brought home a new vanity, sink, faucet, mirror and cabinet. Then we ordered the tub and shower and they will be here Thursday. We also went and got a new toilet. This toilet is kind of cool if you ask me (that adult thing again). There are two buttons. One you push for liquid waste which uses less water and the second button for the heavy duty poo (solid waste to be politically correct) which uses slightly more water. I can't wait to try that out...er I mean....

We picked a plumber today. We have a little work to do ourselves before he comes back though since doing some of this will save us some money. We need to sledgehammer through the concrete in the basement and find the pipes that tie into the whole system. We have a general idea of where it is but there's still some heavy duty sledge hammering that needs to be done. I think I need to ask a couple people for favors for this one for sure. Hopefully in the next week we can do that so we can get going on everything else.

This Sunday we're FINALLY finishing the holes for the egress windows as well. I promise to have pictures of that machine, mostly because the 3 year old boy that lives with me enjoys pictures of those things.

I am dreaming of soaking in my new HEATED bathtub, or taking long leisurely showers in the new large shower. It's so close yet so so so far away.
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  1. Heated bathtubs and toilets with two flush modes? I never knew such things existed! For real...:)

  2. I found the tub at Menard's. I didn't want a whirlpool because they tend to be loud and it's more stuff to clean those jets all the time.

    The toilet we got at Home Depot. I had heard about them to save water since you don't really need a lot of water to flush a little TP and some urine. BUT I wanted a toilet that wouldn't get clogged no matter what was put in it and this helps that too!