Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have one feeling

Have you ever had a day as a parent where you just were DONE. Your child doesn't listen, they cause problems all day, they whine, whatever. By the end of the day you're just glad that they are IN BED ALONE! (and you're in need of an adult beverage).

I had a day like that yesterday. I'm not proud of it but it happens. I think it happens to all parents we just don't talk about it like it's a dirty little secret.

So yesterday was a day that by the time bedtime came I was just glad the kid was alive and in one piece. We're doing the bedtime thing. Mike went in first and read a story and then Gabe asked for me. I go in and gave him a hug and kiss. He looks up at me and with those big green eyes and says "mommy you hurt my feeling (singular)" I gave him a hug and kiss and told him I was sorry and that he hurt my feeling too. I also told him sometimes we have bad days and tomorrow we would do better. Geez though. After he said that I left the room in tears. My sweet boy who can be a terror! definitely reminded me that sometimes it's just one bad day and our feeling can be hurt both ways.

Today is better..... so far.


  1. awwwww, so true, so true. And 3yo boys are MASTER at flipping from sweet to terror in 2 seconds flat. I'm glad today is better so far. Maybe you should bring him on a roadtrip this weekend to see Charlotte's Web (-:

  2. LOL that would be so cool. If I didn't have a road trip planned for the following weekend I would take you up on it.

  3. OMG. Not even 10 minutes after waking up, AJ said the same thing! He had never told me that before, I was shocked.

    I'm having one of those days today and it's barely 9:30a.m.

    How long til bedtime?!

  4. Maybe it's the weather, or some weird age thing? We've only had one "incident" so far today. Yesterday I felt crazy by bed. I told Mike I was done and couldn't take it anymore.

    I'm REALLY looking forward to starting school in just over a month. I like being away for 2-3 days a week 3 or 4 hours a day. It makes me a happier mommy.

  5. Musta been something about Monday, July 26th! Hannah was naughty most of the day too! She ended up in her room at least 3 times, Collette flipped and spent a long time in her room, and Ashlynn got grounded from the Wii! Bedtime came a little early yesterday! Just not a good day to be a mom I guess. You're so right, they do happen and we ALL have 'em! AND those little boogers know how to twist that guilt in don't they! Hope today was better! :)