Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First delivery

The first delivery is now sitting in my garage. Of course they were supposed to be here before noon and rolled in more like 1:15pm but at least it's done. My garage is now a warehouse for building supplies.

We now have proof that we're actually starting some sort of renovation project. We have 165 10ft 2x4s, 2 windows which are 48 inches wide by 60 inches tall, and enough flooring for just under 800 sq feet. The bathroom flooring will be ordered later.

Of course we've been digging a hole thinking the windows were 60 inches wide and 48 inches tall so our hole(s) are still not big enough. Hopefully we'll get started on that second one this weekend... or not. Those nice big windows will be letting a lot of light into the basement though so I am glad we chose larger ones (yah yah people were right get over it).

So here are the next pictures of the project. Gabe was excited and terrified of the truck. He has a thing about loud noises so he kept his hands on his ears the whole time.

The semi front detached from the bed and became the fork lift. The studs and windows came first.

Then the flooring and padding for underneath.

I was quite impressed with that truck up our hill. Anyone who's been here knows that hill is pretty steep. The Uhaul bottomed out on it when we moved in, there's a dent in the driveway from that. I guess what we needed was a semi.

Now I really do need those volunteers that keep saying to call them but mysteriously aren't around when ya ask ;)

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