Monday, June 25, 2012

Safety Town

Gabe finished Safety Town on Friday and it was great.  I think we learned a lot, him and I both!  He's definitely working on learning his phone number much better now.  He's got his address down.  He learned lots of other things while there too.  I think the most important thing was really that we need to make sure we're working on some of the things I know Gabe needs to learn each and every day so we don't end up overwhelmed and frustrated (both of us). 

I think that it was a great learning experience for him and me.  He got great responses from the teachers about being a good kid and listening well, of course I hear that he's the ham too.  He does need to work on some paying attention skills which I know is the age and the fact that he's had very little structured learning.  I think as a whole he is ready for kindergarten in the fall.  I'm going to bet that we do end up doing some speech therapy but I think at this point I'm going to wait it out and just see how things go when he starts school.

Gabe is really enjoying the summer so far and he loves being outside and especially playing with Matthew and Sarah.  He will play in the pool in the yard all day if I let him, and he will be taking swimming classes next month.  I'm hoping that will help him to get his face in the water and not panic if someone splashes him.  

All in all things are good and we're having a fun summer.  I do wish that we had a car during the day to just bop around places but we'll make it through and soon I'll be back in school and suddenly so will he!

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