Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Now we all know this song right?

The itsy bitsy spider goes up the water spout and then the rain comes and washes him out and that dumb spider goes up the water spout again.

Gabe has taken a liking to this song. It's taken over bed time over Frere Jaques even. So instead of singing it all cute and up beat and doing hand motions we sing is slow and softly now at night.

I am putting Gabe to bed when I'm done Mike tells me that only I could make the Itsy Bitsy Spider sound like a dirge. A dirge? Really? That's a funeral procession song people?! How in the world can I sing that to my child at night to wish him sweet dreams and a peaceful night.

So I got back at Mike. The next time he sang Frere Jaques I asked him if he was part of a church choir because he oversings is so dramatically. Needless to say he didn't make it through the rest of the song he laughed so hard at me.

Point for Mel
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  1. Sweet! Maybe you could mess with his head and sing "Furry Jack-a"?

  2. Go MEL! Chase loves that song too. It's one of the only songs that he asks for. We just sing it normal though, lol!