Thursday, September 10, 2009

We have landed...

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We are finally in the new place. I'm typing from my living room with the sun shining in a huge picture window. It's great.

The place is a disaster, half the light fixtures don't work, switches do nothing, the tub is covered in mildew that I'm scrubbing out, it needs painting and organizing but it's ours and that's all that matters.

The move was horrific, no surprise right? The good thing is that we had AMAZING friends who helped us move. Sometimes family isn't blood related at all but found and that's what we had. Those guys moved and organized the truck like champs. I swear Shawn must be a Tetris champion with the way he got things into the truck.

My feet and back STILL hurt but I'll survive.

We did get some appliances this weekend from Home Depot. We got amazing deals on all of them too. A brand new front loading washer and dryer (tiny scratches on them), a wall oven in stainless steel that was a special order that someone else didn't want, and a trash compactor. I'm excited about the oven because it actually has a convection option on it for baking and anyone who likes to back knows convection is the way to go! They will all be delivered on Saturday.

Our garage is PACKED full of stuff though so I hope we can get them into it too. We have so much stuff out there I'm sure we need a rummage to pair down stuff. I'm hoping to get Gabe's room painted this weekend but I have to remove the wallpaper boarder off the wall first.

Gabe slept pretty well last night so I hope it continues and he hasn't asked to go home once. I think he has figured it out that we ARE home. It feels like home and I know in a short time it will really be organized and homey.
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