Friday, October 21, 2011

Where did the time go?

Gabe at the pumpkin patch.

It's late October already.  How did that even happen?  Where has the year gone?  I get so wrapped up in the day to day stuff that WOOOSH! it's over with and we're in October!

I love October though because Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I love the pumpkin picking and carving and the decorations.  I almost always have a costume for Trick or Treat so it's weird that this year I don't have anything, all my stuff is either way to big or doesn't fit because it's from high school (LOL). 

Gabe is going as a Dinosaur, possibly the last of the costumes my Grandma made for the grand kids when I was younger.  It's sort of a bitter sweet thing because I love those costumes and wish there were more reasons to wear them. 

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins.  Gabe of course picked the heaviest one he could find.  Poor Mike had to carry Gabe's pumpkin and his own, I was lugging a pretty big one for myself too. 

This weekend we're headed out to Spring Green Wisconsin for a wedding for our friends Wally and Lannia and I can't wait for the getaway with Mike.  Gabe is staying home with my mom which he loves.  They always do something fun together! 

Then we'll be to the last weekend of October and Halloween and then I feel like the whirl wind starts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and smashing in Gabe's FIFTH(!!!!) birthday and the year will be over with.  How does that happen again?  Geez.  I need to remember that even when a day or a week goes slow the year(s) go so fast. 

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