Monday, October 24, 2011

officially have a school for the rest of school

So the letter and packet actually came Saturday when we were gone and I opened it (well Mike opened it for me) on Sunday but I didn't post about it right away because we had to really sit down and talk it over.  It's not a cheap school so we had to decide if it's even possible.  Of course I still need to sit down with the school but it SEEMS feasible.  So I'm calling it accepted.

I will officially be a Cardinal Stritch nursing student in January if all goes well.  I will have 5 semesters of school to do, I have many classes done already so I will have to fill out my schedule with a few other things.  I will have my ADN and pass the NCLEX and be an RN by June 2014 (geez that's still a long way away!!!)  Cardinal Stritch is set up to bridge to the BSN easily which is great because I do know that I want my BSN for sure, after I have a job though. 

I'm still super nervous, and I haven't actually heard back from MATC yet but I figure that Stritch is what I really want and I should just jump in with both feet and do it, even though MATC is only a 4 semester program, at this point what's one extra semester right?! 

I'm excited, anxious, TERRIFIED and thrilled to be reaching this point.  I WANT THIS!  I NEED THIS!  I WILL DO THIS!

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