Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This shouldn't surprise you

It shouldn't surprise anyone that during school I fall off the blogging band wagon.  So here's the general "oh shit I forgot I have this" update.

I've finished my Medical Terminology class, all 12 weeks of it in about 3 weeks with a 97%.  I'm hating Intro to Psych because there is NO interaction with anyone in the class and the instructor doesn't get back to you either (a poor review will happen at the end of the semester).  My Health Psych class is good, I've taken another class with this instructor and I like her style.  My Intro to Modern Cinema class has been going well and I actually enjoy analyzing films. 

I have three papers to write for the classes I'm not done with.  I'm doing a PTSD treatment paper for Intro to Psych, no idea what the criteria is for the second psych class yet so don't have a topic but I have some ideas on what it might be, and my Modern Cinema class is comparing the 1951 Disney's Alice In Wonderland to the 2010 Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.  So that should be interesting. 

Other than that lets see... I have applications into both MATC and Cardinal Stritch for the spring semester to figure out where I'm doing clinicals.  I'm really hoping for MATC because it's just soooooo much cheaper and I don't have to panic about it.  I should know about Halloween time for both of those.

I've been maintaining weight right now which is okay, I needed a break and to see if I could live with this weight which is an "okay" weight for me but I've decided that I'm really NOT okay with it yet and I need to kick it back up for another 8-10lbs so that I can give myself some flux room for this current weight to be my "high" weight.  I really want to do some more core work too so I'm looking at some videos now because I need to have set goals to do well.

I have a job now, just Saturday nights, working for a private client doing home health aide stuff and some light house keeping.  I don't mind it and he's a nice enough guy, older but sharp and funny.  I think he's stating to warm up to me too.

I think that's it.  I should have another post around Halloween about Trick or Treating and school and stuff!!  Til them I promise I'm not dead just busy with school!

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