Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 200s!

I need to brag for a moment.

I officially weigh 199lbs as of today and hit my goal of being below 200lbs before 2011 started

It took me almost 5 months (Jan 8th will be 5 months) but I have lost 43lbs and TWO pant sizes so far.

I started out by just watching my food and using to log EVERYTHING I put into my mouth. No one was forcing me to eat an extra portion or a cupcake only *I* decide what goes into my body. I had just finally reached a point that I was done feeling fat, lazy and unable to do what I want and wear what I want.

I could only do 5 min on the elliptical machine I was so out of shape and a 30 min walk was only a mile walk I was so slow (LOL) BUT I did it. I now spend between 3-40 min on the elliptical machine 4-6 days a week. I FEEL better. It's amazing.

I have about 35lbs more to go to my "ultimate" goal. I'll see when I get there if I want to go another 10-15lbs or not. It will depend on how toned I am.

I just wanted to post to brag but to also let anyone else out there who wants to start and thinks that 5 min of exercise won't make a difference or just cutting out dessert etc won't help. I want to tell you it DOES. One small change can lead to more. I splurged on Christmas Day, and two nights ago friend were over and we had custard (which I HIGHLY regretted the next day and won't do again). So I'm not perfect and I always give myself one freebie day a month to eat something SUPER yummy, special and totally outside my calories.

I will NEVER weigh 200lbs again. I WILL spend 2011 continuing to lose weight and get in shape. And by this time in 2011 I'll have to come up with a new goal for 2012


  1. I am really, really proud of you. It's a big accomplishment that so many struggle with. Congratulations!