Thursday, December 9, 2010

The end is near!

Insert ominous music here....

The end of the semester is near, just one more week left! PUSH THROUGH!  Then a month off before it starts all over again.

The end of the year is also near.  That means Gabe will be FOUR!!!!! in just 14 days.  I simply can not believe that he's four already.  Where has the time gone? 

The end of the basement is getting near, we're drywalling on Sunday, please don't snow, please don't snow.  Then just floor to put in and we'll be moving stuff downstairs :D

The end of the year is always a little odd for me now.  I think part of it is Gabe's birthday.  I hate that his birthday is so wrapped up with Christmas.  I hate that people will combine gifts for him and they wouldn't for a kid who's birthday was, oh in any other month.  I hate that the kid thinks the whole week is about him.  I hate the cold and the snow.  I'm seriously dreaming of Vegas.  I hear it call to me every time I have to scrape a car, or freeze my fingers driving or walking.  Someday, someday we will go and we will love it.

For now I need to focus on school and finishing up this semester, then I can start looking at the next one, my final pre-requisite semester!  I am dreaming of the day that I finish school and can start working so that Mike can work less.  I dream of being a nurse and helping people and loving my job.  I never dreamed I'd say that either.  I didn't grow up wanting to be a nurse, it just happened.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.  I know now that it is what I'm meant to do and be. 

I am nearing a new year, a new me, skinnier me ;)  I'm already down 37lbs which is my HALF WAY MARK! I'm feeling better than ever and really enjoying working out (most days).  I have some new plans for weight training and some different things as soon as we're in the basement.  I also have somehow agreed to the Warrior Dash which is something I wouldn't have even considered before I started this journey.  Now I think it might be fun.  It will be something to give me a new training reason come spring too. 

I think I've rambled enough and I still have two papers to finish for microbiology so I better get cracking, oh yeah and I MUST install insulation in my basement today whether anyone helps me or not. 

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