Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and a fish "lava" lamp

So on this wonderful Christmas in the year 2010 Gabe, a newly four year old, told his mom and dad he was really thirsty at bed time.  This is a usual stall tactic and mom and dad know this.  He got one small drink of water and that was it.

An hour later when Mommy wrongly assumed that Gabe was asleep he comes out of his room and tells mom he's STILL thirsty.  After taking him back in his room he divulges that he DRANK the water from the fish "lava" lamp.  Mom didn't even have a mom face to keep and blurted out "Seriously!?"  While thinking WTF mate?!  This lamp has distilled water, yuck!

I mean really? This has to rank up there with the weirdest thing kids have done right?  I'm completely baffled by this.  He'd had plenty to eat and drink.  I explained why this is a bad idea (small bits of fake fish, distilled water, electricity!)

So here is the lamp, half empty of water.  Crazy kid!  

So he promises he's going to sleep now.  I sure hope so because after a whirlwind of birthday parties, potty training and Christmas presents it's been one really long week.

Gabe has been doing really well with the potty training, he won't poop yet but that will come eventually.  He's still hiding in his room and doing it in his underwear. 

He loves all the presents especially having a ton of new Lightning McQueen and Mater trucks! 

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