Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I love the decorations and the kids in the neighborhood trick or treating.  We're pretty conservative on candy and sugar for Gabe but this is the one day I just don't care.  He ate way too much candy and had a blast.

It took us awhile to convince him to actually put on the costume for it.  He didn't want to wear pants (men!) But when we did get him into it he was Adorable!

This costume was made by my Grandma about 20 some years ago for one of my cousins for Halloween and I'm thrilled it was saved and passed down.  Everyone in town thought Gabe made a great little skunk, even after the head piece got "too scratchy!"  and had to be taken off.  He filled TWO buckets with candy and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.  He's already asking when we can do it again. 

I can't pass up posting this one of Daddy with Gabe too.

Now it's on to Christmas, where my poor kid gets shafted because his birthday is December 23.  I'm voting to skip the whole thing and have Halloween again.  Christmas just stresses me out anyhow, lol.  He's already asking for a truck cake!


  1. Mel, I love it! Amazing costume. I feel so bad buying costumes for my kids (Joe REEEALLY wanted Iron Man, I have no clue why) when my mom always made all of our costumes. Okay, I'm over it. The kids have so much fun!

    I hear you on Christmas, Joe is on December 17th and I thought that was bad! Wish we could get the kids together that time of year. Maybe someday.

  2. Heather- I'm totally down for a NON Christmas birthday get together. Your way I hope since it's not freezing cold by you then like it is here :D